Children are not born with prejudice

The project won’t change the world, but at least your pupils!

Right now, this project is more important than ever. It’s called Children Are Not Born With Prejudice. It is not a demonstration against something but for something. For a Sweden where everyone is equal and everyone’s abilities are utilized in the best possible way.

It is our conviction that if we are to change the way people think, see and relate to intellectually disabled we have to start in the schools.

One of society’s most important tasks is to promote equality of opportunity and human equality. Having knowledge about society gives tools to finds one’s way and the ability to take responsibility for one’s actions in a complex world. The Swedish curriculum for primary schools (LGR11) states that pupils at intermediate level must be able to reflect on how individuals and societies are formed, how they change and interact. The implications and importance of human rights, including children’s rights, must be taught.

A flourishing society welcomes diversity and differences. Integration is not about everyone being exactly the same. It’s about learning to accept, and even appreciate, that we are all different.

Those of us who share these views of a flourishing society must begin to consider what best way there is to transfer these beliefs to our children. The sooner the better. If you grow up with intellectually disabled, you’re likely to never question human dignity, which states that we are all equally important, regardless of gender, skin colour or intelligence. Intellectually disabled challenges old norms, turns concepts on its head and gives us a new perspective on our existence. They show that weakness can be a strength.

We know that an emotional impact leads to change. In Sweden we have worked very well with these issues theoretically, for a long time. But now we want to do something more tangible.

Target group

Primarily children in school ages 10-12. Firstly all classes in grade five. We try to limit the target group in order to create conditions to achieve the best result possible, and also to get a result that can be evaluated. We believe that grade five is an appropriate target group since children go through an important identity development at that age. You are also susceptible and curious about the values that we wish to highlight in the project. It might not be possible to change the whole world, but at least the fellow pupils in their class.

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