Alike and Unique

What is really normal?

Alike and Unique is an exhibition about the equal worth of all people with its roots in the work of the Glada Hudik Theatre. The exhibition is aimed at grades 4-6 and the goal is to raise questions about what we consider to be normal and what gives a person his or her value. Visitors should leave the exhibition with the desire and goal in mind to continue the work with basic values and core principals.

What is really normal?

There are as many different ways to behave as there are people in the world, and everyone must be seen. In this way we are alike AND at the same time unique! All people are worth the same and all have the right to be taken seriously, yet in real life it is not so. People are teased and ostracised for a number of different reasons. We are too fat, too tall; we have the wrong skin colour, the wrong opinions or the wrong behaviour. But who decides what is wrong and what is right? Everyone has the same rights but this does not mean that we are all the same. Everyone is unique, no one is exactly like you, but you have the right to be seen and to be appreciated for the person you are!

Exhibitions in three parts

The exhibition has three parts. The first is a presentation of the Glada Hudik Theatre’s basic principle and some of the actors. The second part is an experience-based section where you use your senses to explore your own role and expression. The third part is a workshop where visitors can create their own little shadow theatre performances inspired by the questions raised in the exhibition. The two latter components are there to reduce the ‘us and them’ – feeling and through using creative tools help participants to relate to the questions on a more personal level. This also offers teachers and educators a golden opportunity to work with questions relating to basic values in an inspiring environment.

Teachers and educators are offered pedagogical guidance as a support in the preparatory work, during the visit and follow-up.

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