The Glada Hudik Theatre

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Integration is not about everyone being exactly the same. It’s about learning to accept, and even appreciate, that we are all different.

barn foeds inte med foerdomar

Children are not born with prejudice

Right now, this project is more important than ever. It’s called ”Children are not born with prejudice”. It is not a demonstration against something but for something. For a Sweden where everyone is equal and everyone’s abilities are utilized in the best possible way.

utsaellningen lika och unika kopia

Alike and Unique

Alike and Unique is an exhibition about the equal worth of all people with its roots in the work of the Glada Hudik Theatre. The exhibition is aimed at grades 4-6 and the goal is to raise questions about what we consider to be normal and what gives a person his or her value. Visitors should leave the exhibition with the desire and goal in mind to continue the work with basic values and core principals.

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