The Glada Hudik Theatre

glada hudik tetaern

Our mission is to change the way the world thinks and how it relates to people with intellectual disabilities

Glada Hudik Theatre is a municipal activity in accordance with the LSS (The Swedish Act Concerning Support and Service for Persons with Certain Functional disabilities) a group consisting of both intellectually disabled and normally disabled actors. The mission is to offer everyone the opportunity to do what they are good at, to encourage development and create meaningful activities for people with intellectual disabilities. We require and provide the opportunity for success. A theatre where people who would not normally meet can get together and help to convert fear and prejudice into understanding and friendship.

The theatre has had great success with the show Elvis, the feature film ”The Importance of Tying Your Own Shoes”, advertising profile ”ICA-Jerry” and now with the modern interpretation of the Wizard of Oz.

The work around the theatre has also resulted in several documentaries that aired on prime time on swedish television and the actors in the ensemble has become beloved idols.

Sweden’s greatest diversity initiative

The Glada Hudik Theatre is so much more than just a theatre. We believe that differences improve our community and that meeting each other is at the foundation of all integration. Communities that allow differences and make use of all resources are those that are most productive.

Different projects are carried out parallel to the theatre. For instance the project Children are not born with prejudice aimed at children grades 4-6. The message is that integration is not about everyone turning out exactly alike. It’s about learning to accept and appreciate that we are all different. It might not be possible to change the world, but your pupils.

The plan for the future is to take the work with diversity a step further and launch the concept abroad, ”We have come a long way is these matters here in Sweden and even though we are far from bringing it to a close we want to spread the concept and share our experiences with other countries”, says Pär Johansson, founder of the Glada Hudik Theatre.

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