hur maanga lingon finns det i vaerlden med glada hudik teatern

The Importance of Tying Your Own Shoes

The Importance of Tying Your Own Shoes is a deeply moving and uplifting comedy with plenty of heart and soul. The film is freely based on the real-life story of the internationally acclaimed Glada Hudik Theatre and their productions. The cast is drawn from members of the Glada Hudik Theatre.

Alex is an inveterate loafer who takes absolutely no responsibility in life. When his girlfriend gets fed up and chucks him out, Alex is forced to take a job as an assistant to a troop of mentally handicapped people. Following a disastrous start Alex gradually starts to tune in to the warm and charming individuals around him. Beneath their handicaps they are bounding with energy, full of dreams, fun-loving spirit, and unexpected talent.

Alex and his new friends face an uphill battle against a prejudiced environment in order to achieve their goal – to take part in the national hit TV show The Talent Hunt!

The film was a huge success and recorded the 3rd largest viewing figures of all Swedish films in 2011.

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