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It´s all about friends

“It´s all about friends” is an independent sequel to “The Importance of Tying Your Own Shoes.”

It´s all about friends is a warm comedy about Max, a successful New York-based commercial cinematographer, who is alone and desperate. He has no friends or family. Max is contacted by Peter, who invites him to come to a small Swedish city and help him make a film for Youtube about his daughter and her friends. Max sees a chance to be with an old friend and to relax on the Swedish countryside.

Once Max gets there, he realizes that the main subjects of the documentary is about disabled persons, whom he dislikes. He also notices that Peter is in love with Hanna the assistant for the group, whom he also gets very attached to.

Max falls in love with Hanna, makes friends with the disabled and sees his own life in a new view. He grows with every interview and realizes that they have had a much more difficult life than him.

When Peter sees the love between Hanna and Max, he breaks with his old friend and leaves the film undone. Hanna and the disabled find a drunk Max trying to drown himself. They save him and get Peter back to the film. The Youtube film is finished. Everybody make friends again and we leave the story with a feeling of love.

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